Unicom home equipment to create a smart home

EBELONG currently has 7 product categories, covering smart sockets, light control switches, smart dimming, smart curtain motors, etc., which can easily realize the interconnection of equipment and create a variety of whole-house smart scenes.

Unicom home equipment to create a smart home

Home mode

One-click to turn on home mode when you get home from get off work. The lights are on, the curtains are opened, music is played, and the TV is automatically turned on. A caring home that heals your day’s fatigue.

Leave home mode

You’re running late for work, but the lights in your room and bathroom haven’t been turned off? Don’t worry, you can turn on the leave home mode with the switch nearby the door, all the lights are gradually turned off, the curtains close slowly, and the TV is turned off. It is not awkward to go out in a hurry, and the leave home mode gives you peace of mind.

wireless kinetic switch

Entertainment mode

The weekend is here and you want to go out to play, however, the weather is bad, or the location is too far, or you can’t make a reservation? Why not party at home! One-click to open the entertainment mode, lights and music can change with you and move with your heart. Entertainment mode, party at any time, happy at any time.

Movie mode

How long has it been since you went to the cinema to see a movie? Don’t wait for the weekend, do it now! Just one press to enter home theater. The lights are dimmed, the curtains are closed, and the TV is turned on. Enjoy movies anytime with movie mode. Enjoy the cinematic atmosphere at home.

Dining mode

Select the meal mode at dinner time. Warm lighting accompanied by delicious food increases appetite. Dining mode, enjoy every meal exquisitely.

smart home

EBELONG is committed to creating a personalized and all-round smart lifestyle with meticulous service. Own your smart home!

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