Lead a energy saving life with kinetic self-powered products

The use of EBELONG kinetic self-powered products can effectively reduce the energy consumption of household appliances in daily life.

Lead a energy saving life with kinetic self-powered products

Automatically Control

When the window is open, the heater is stop. Use the countdown timer to automatically turn off lights or bathroom exhaust fans. No more worrying about forgetting to turn off the electric heater and wasting unnecessary energy.

Dimming Energy Savings

You can save energy with a dimmer every time you use your lights. The light is the most suitable every time and is no wasting.

kinetic self-powered switch

Electrical Energy Savings

Control and conserve energy with a smart plug, and that allow you to turn them off whenever want.

Ebelong smart plug

Turn A Wall Plug Smart And Connected

Automatically monitors and controls lighting, heating, or any other connected electrical appliance at home, no matter where you are.

wireless smart switch

Products Recommended

Launch module: Self-powered door and window sensor, US standard remotes switch

Receiving module:10A Dry contact controller, EU standard 13A smart plug

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