Smart home new technology

Builders and homeowners today are increasingly interested in installing home technologies, and for good reason: integrated smart home systems are more capable and easier to use than ever before. For professional smart home integrators, every home buyer and home builder is a potential client.

Pros know, however, that knowledge about smart home technologies varies widely, from those who envision a plethora of automated systems all working together on a custom schedule to those who believe asking a voice-activated device what the weather’s like is the height of technological innovation.

Smart home new technology

So how do we convey the message that a truly useful smart home system requires professional design and installation when potential clients can buy something like a $100 smart lighting kit at a hardware store? It all comes down to explaining the real-life experience, instead of praising technical features.

Everyone Wants To Be Comfortable

      User experience is the most important aspect of any purchase, and it is especially important for items intended to be used for years or decades. For smart home systems, user experience includes everything from aesthetics and reliability to overall functionality and options to upgrade or expand in the future. To determine what experience they want, we must identify specific features or activities the client wants to invest in, whether it’s lighting, climate controls, AV, security, access, or the ability to use voice control in every room.

If they express interest in gadgets from big box stores, a few simple questions can highlight the drastic differences from professional smart home systems. Do they want each room to require multiple remotes or apps that don’t work together, so they constantly have to switch between security, garage doors, lights, music, etc…? Or do they want a seamless experience where one app controls everything, every room has the same controls and functions, and all the different systems communicate perfectly with each other?

Ebelong kinetic switch supports voice control

Technology Should Just Work, Every Time

EBELONG concentrates on energy harvesting and smart home solutions.

Our revolutionary wireless and battery-free energy harvesting technology provide effective solutions for the various smart home. We have designed a whole range of wireless products to make a building or home smart, including:

Different standard self-powered switches, sensors, relay switches, smart plugs for automatic or remote control of lights, heating, roller blinds, home access, and so on.

Innovation is a part of our DNA and we are innovating every day to design high-quality products based on wireless self-powered technology which is easy to use in smart homes.

The advantage of this system is that switch can be placed anywhere without wiring. It will fulfill its maintenance-free function over its whole life, which is able to save lots of money and time compared to other solutions.

After capturing small amounts of kinetic energy produced by a switch or sensor, the generating engine converts energy into electric energy which is enough to make the low-power consumption electronic devices work efficiently. The communication data is then transmitted wirelessly via transport technology.

In the area of Energy Harvesting, EBELONG has filed different patent applications and has already been granted nearly 400 different patents.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch 3M glue paste installation

These Patents Covers:
● Technology
● Design And Construction Of Products
● Applications

All of our Energy Harvesting Product patents have been assessed by the Global patent certification institution and certified there is no infringement to any other competitors.

Easy multi-control wireless kinetic switch

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