Home furnishing under IoT – wireless smart switch

What is the smart home under IoT? What role can Ebelong’s wireless smart switches play in smart homes?

1. Smart security

Smart security solution: 360°protection of the home is realized through smart door locks, smart door sensors, smart cameras, environmental monitoring alarms, infrared human body sensor alarms, etc. °Watch the picture from the camera. It can monitor and notify users of dangers such as strangers intrusion, fire, and natural gas leakage in real-time.

Scenario mode: When the detector detects that someone has entered the home illegally, the home alarm host will immediately transmit the alarm signal to the community management center or the phone designated by the user, so that the security personnel can quickly deal with the police, and the alarm host of the community management center will record. The information below is available for review.

Home furnishing under IoT - wireless smart switch

2. Smart control

Intelligent control solution: Through infrared remote control, smart box, intelligent host, and other equipment, it can control all electrical appliances in the home, such as TV, air conditioner, lighting, doors and windows, curtains, not only can realize all the functions of traditional remote control but also through the Internet Or the local area network controls the equipment in the home.

Scene mode: Through the computer in the office, you can watch the picture of the indoor camera, control the lights, curtains, audio-visual equipment, and all other electrical equipment that can provide interfaces to the smart home system. It can be controlled remotely by mobile phone.

Ebelong wireless light switch

3. Smart lighting

Intelligent lighting solution: realize intelligent control of lighting equipment, with functions such as intensity adjustment of light brightness, the soft start of light, timing control, scene-setting, etc., to achieve the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, comfort, and efficiency. Not only can each light be controlled independently, but also preset scenes can be called. For example: “Scenario Mode” can be set, and one command can control multiple products, whether it is the lighting of the home theater, the lighting of a romantic dinner for two people, the lighting of the scene of friends gathering, or the lighting of reading newspapers after dinner on a quiet weekend… Any lighting scene mode can be realized. When going out or working overtime, the light will automatically adjust to the corresponding mode. Automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to the outside light throughout the day, automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to different time periods throughout the day…

Ebelong self-powered switch

Scene Mode: Set “Home Mode”, the content is “Automatically turn on the living room lights after opening the door”, when the system senses that the door lock is unlocked, it will automatically turn on specific lights and other effects. Each room in the room can realize functional dimming and remote control through mobile phones.

Ebelong’s wireless smart switch can play a role in saving wires, reducing workload, no need to dig wall wiring, no battery, free use, simple and convenient installation, support voice and mobile APP wireless control in smart home, welcome to mass customization, Support OEM and ODM around the world, please know more.

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