Self-powered wireless switch makes life more convenient for you and me

With the improvement of living standards, more and more self-powered wireless switches appear in the home. What is a self-powered wireless switch? The self-powered wireless switch is a new type of smart switch that uses radio frequency identification technology and then controls various products through wireless remote control.

Self-powered wireless switch makes life more convenient for you and me

It has a wide range of applications, such as lighting and electrical appliances in homes, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and many other places.

Ordinary home lighting has been gradually replaced by smart lighting. At present, one of the main ways to realize smart lamp control is to use smart switches. The second is to still use ordinary switches and upgrade to smart or wireless control by replacing smart bulbs, smart driving power, smart on-off or remote driving power.

This method requires that the ordinary switch must be normally open. If the ordinary switch is turned off, the power supply of the smart lighting will be cut off and cannot be controlled intelligently. It is impossible to achieve a good combination of ordinary switch and intelligent control, and it cannot satisfy intelligence well. Lighting control needs.

On the basis of not changing the original home circuit, Ebelong switch only needs to replace the traditional ordinary switch with Ebelong smart switch, which can enable the user to turn on and off the smart lamp like an ordinary switch, or it can be turned off by the ordinary switch. When turned on, the smart lamps can be controlled by the mobile phone APP, remote control or voice.

S3 self-powered switch

The original line of ordinary switches and smart lamps can be controlled at the same time. This product provides a simple and low-cost method for smart control and smart home products to enter the home, making the promotion and application of smart lamps play a key role.

The self-powered wireless switch is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter first encodes the keys of the user, modulates the radio frequency signal and then transmits the wireless signal, and then the receiver will send the received wireless signal again Encode, and then make the controlled electrical appliances work.

P1 wireless kinetic switch

The self-powered wireless switch has many advantages. The installation of the self-powered wireless switch circuit is very convenient. We no longer need to connect the neutral wire in the use of the lighting lamp, and there is no need to change any connecting parts of the lamp. It can directly replace the original wall. switch. The switch will be closed by itself when the call comes again after the power is cut off at home, so as to avoid wasting electricity.

By replacing the traditional ordinary switch with the Ebelong single-fire switch (smart version), the traditional lamps can be turned into smart lamps, smart drive power, smart on-offs, or scenarios for intelligent lighting control.

ESL smart switch

The above is the introduction to you about the wireless remote control switch circuit and some related knowledge, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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