The main value of wireless light switches in smart home

The Internet of Things is the key link of the new generation of information technology, and it is also an important development stage in the information age and the digital age. The core of the development of IoT technology is the innovation of user experience. With the continuous progress of IoT technology, its application in daily life is becoming more and more extensive. In this context, the development of the Internet of Things has further driven the rapid growth of the residential electronic integration industry and the smart home industry. As an important part of smart home, wireless light switch plays a key role.

The main advantages of wireless light switches in smart homes are that there is no need to dig wall wiring, no batteries, no need to worry about the risk of electric shock, IP67 waterproof, simple installation, easy dual control, and multi-control, support Tuya platform, and wireless control by voice and mobile APP, Welcome OEM and ODM batch customization, distribution agency cooperation, please contact for more information.

The main value of wireless light switch in smart home

1. Convenient management

The smart home will allow users to have more convenient means to manage home equipment, for example, control home equipment through the home touch screen, wireless remote control, telephone, Internet, or voice recognition, and can also perform scene operations to form a linkage between multiple devices;

Ebelong P1 wireless switch

2. Device interworking

Various devices in the smart home can communicate with each other and can operate interactively according to different states without the user’s command, thus bringing users the greatest degree of efficiency, convenience, comfort, and safety.

Ebelong smart wireless light switch supports voice and mobile APP control

3. Change your life

Smart home with wireless light switch not only has traditional living functions but also provides a comfortable, safe, high-quality and pleasant family living space; it also transforms from the original passive static structure to active wisdom, providing a full range of information interaction functions to help families maintain information exchange with the outside world. Smooth, optimize people’s lifestyle, help people effectively arrange time, enhance the safety of home life, and even save money for various energy costs.

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