Kinetic batteryless wireless doorbell

In the current case, the kinetic batteryless wireless doorbell caught people’s attention because it has a couple of properties that make it special.

The front is made with kinetic energy, while all plastic parts are made from self-powered material. The last thing that convinced people to put the bell to the test is the power supply to the call button that triggers the ring.

Kinetic batteryless wireless doorbell

Here you will usually find button cells or so-called batteries-operated, which are made from lithium, on wireless doorbells. With the Ebelong self-powered doorbell you will find nothing! Because it works without batteries.

As most homes use wired doorbells installed, there is no reason to install the other bells.

The testing was from a new technology issue. The doorbell has no batteries on the button. It generates electricity via electronics that generate electrical energy from the kinetic energy that is generated when you press the button.

That alone is already thought to be quite environmentally friendly, but Ebelong has gone one step further and has optimized the electronics that are in the batteryless doorbell itself and that run constantly on standby. As a result, it uses very little electricity and is kind to the environment.

IP67 waterproof wireless doorbell

In the whole positive properties, technical details about the wireless batteryless doorbell are below:

• Range: max. 150 m with a clear view

• Frequency: 433 MHz

• Ringtones: 38 (no MP3 import)

• Volume: more than 88 dB SPL max

• Volume adjustment: 4 levels

• Waterproof: IP65

Basically, a batteryless doorbell has already been set up in the factory, as the doorbell and the button are already paired before shipment. All end-users do is plug the bell into a socket and attach the button to the outside of the house or gate. For this purpose, use adhesive tape and screws are available, which are packed in the product box.

The button is IP65, no water will come into the housing.

Three buttons are included in the product. The volume ranges from very quiet (for times when the baby is sleeping) to loud (the top value is 120dbm above).

With 38 ring tones, the end-users can choose the correct one they want. everyone should find something suitable.

Ebelong wireless doorbell

Since there is a noticeable click when you press the button, every visitor should understand how the batteryless doorbell works. So here too, green light comes out from the button that indicates it generates the power.

The wireless batteryless doorbell is competitive in the market, the fact is that you never have to replace a battery in the button, and an environmentally friendly product makes the price difference seem insignificant to me.

If you need more than one bell or several call buttons, you will have options to purchase accessories like buttons and bell push. It is the easy way.

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