Mainstream smart wireless switch communication protocol

Although the concept of the smart home appeared very early, and the market demand has always existed, the development of the smart home has not been widely applied and popularized for a long time due to the breakthrough of related technologies. At present, the mainstream wireless communication protocols in the smart home dedicated wireless switch Market:

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a radio technology that supports short-range communication between devices (generally within 10m). Wireless information exchange can be performed between many devices including mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, and related peripherals. However, the communication distance of this technology is too short, and it is a point-to-point communication method.

Mainstream smart wireless switch communication protocol


It is a short-range wireless transmission technology capable of supporting radio signals for Internet access over a range of hundreds of meters. Its biggest feature is that it is convenient for people to access the Internet anytime, anywhere. However, for smart home applications, the shortcomings are obvious, high power consumption and strong networking expertise. High power consumption is a fatal flaw for deploying low-power sensors anytime, anywhere, so although wifi is very popular, it only plays a supplementary role in smart home applications.

Ebelong wireless switch supports WiFi protocol

3. 315M/433M/868M/915M

These wireless RF technologies are widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless networks, industrial data acquisition systems, wireless tags, identification, non-contact RF and other places, and some manufacturers have introduced them into smart home systems.

Ebelong smart wireless switch

4. Zigbee

Zigbee is an emerging short-range, low-speed, low-power wireless network technology, mainly used for short-range wireless connections. It has the characteristics of low complexity, low power consumption, low speed, low cost, ad hoc network, high reliability, and beyond the line of sight. Mainly suitable for automatic control and remote control and other fields, can be embedded in various equipment. In short, ZigBee is a cheap, low-power, self-organizing short-range wireless communication technology.

Ebelong wireless smart switch adopts energy harvesting self-powered technology

The smart wireless light switch developed and produced by Ebelong using energy collection and self-powered technology supports OEM and ODM customization, including but not limited to protocol, shape, and color, which meet the requirements of smart home applications and your local usage habits.

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