Analyze the prospects of wireless kinetic switch manufacturers

As a manufacturer of wireless kinetic switches, Ebelong has established an electrical laboratory since 2009, and continues to develop, design and produce wireless kinetic energy products by itself until 2021, providing a force for the realization of smart homes.

Ebelong self-powered products

With the development of science and technology to this day, in fact, many things are inseparable from the word intelligence, and people are increasingly eager for and pursuing intelligence. This is a kind of progress in life! It is an inevitable trend to use technology to make us live more comfortably. Moreover, it is a very common thing now. It is not surprising that wireless kinetic energy switches replace traditional switches!

Ebelong company wireless kinetic switch production base

Therefore, it is only natural that this wireless kinetic switch can become the key to the realization of smart homes. Next, let us see what magic is it?

1. The wireless kinetic switch adopts energy harvesting technology. A steady stream of energy is generated through the built-in micro energy harvesting (MEA) module. The action of pressing the switch with your finger can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and send out radio frequency control signals. Therefore, It also does not require batteries or wires for power supply.

Ebelong energy harvesting technology

2. The wireless kinetic switch does not require chiseling walls and wiring, and does not require built-in batteries. It is easy to install and can be pasted or moved at will. It can also be placed anywhere like a remote control.

U1 self-powered switch

3. The wireless kinetic switch does not directly contact strong electricity, so it is safe and anti-electric shock.

S2 wireless kinetic switch

4. The wireless kinetic switch is convenient for modification and installation, and easily realizes multi-control one and one-control multi-scene.

M1 Conjoined wireless kinetic switch

The wireless kinetic switch of Ebelong is very user-friendly in design, and it can be customized and produced according to the usage habits of different regions to meet the local standards, retaining the use style of the local people.

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