Wireless smart security alarm system

Crime rates rose up in a couple of years, making home owners fearful any time. Whenever they leave home and nobody will be available to keep an eye on the valuables. In addition to home use, security alarm systems could be an important part to be used in commercial places and public places to curb any form of crime done. This is actually a very crucial component of the military in trying to minimize crime cases. For business and military functions, a wireless smart security alarm system could be used in all kinds of business transactions and important documents.

Wireless smart security alarm system

Please find the function from EBELONG wireless smart security alarm system.

* Built in strong LED, lound alarm sound

*Alarm situation will be sent to APP automatically

*APP displays every device’s working status.

*Arm/Disarm/Home mode can be selected

*Supports different accessories to be paired, name accessories freely

*Alarm record is stored in the cloud

*Support Alexa, Google Home

*Doorbell function is available


Magnetic sensor / PIR sensor will be activated to send an alarm signal


Set different modes to keep the house safe according to the user’s needs.


Whenever a danger or emergent case happens, a slight press will activate the whole alarm system.

【Bell push】

It allows the doorbell to function

Ebelong kinetic doorbell

In fact, the wireless smart security system comes in more functions as intended by the owner. Audio and video surveillance are just but part of the modes of ensuring security and secrecy. The different thing from Ebelong is, it brings a new technology of self-powered integrated with the system.

The sensors are placed located at strategic locations where they are not easily seen by criminals. It tracks downs to record the happenings which may later be used to the concerned criminals. The specific need for a Security Alarm System dictates the kind of security alarm system be installed for instance politicians and other prominent people require a more complex security system, compared to what government organizations such as military and politically sensitive places require.

Security alarm systems have two different types: wired and wireless. Some people require the installation of an integrated security system with the wireless mode integrating a different security application. Some high buildings have surveillance cameras at strategic places all over to record the daily situation, like people coming in and going out of that building. In case the monitoring personnel detects any security threat, they have action immediately and ensure security is maintained. An integrated security system involves all the information collected from different parts of the common control room. Such information serves as the right and accurate information to be used by security agencies either private or public. Any security is thus detected in time before it happens and thus necessary precaution measures are taken to prevent the situation.

Ebelong smart wireless doorbell

There are more sophisticated security systems used across the world these years, more and more new technology will be applied to home use. It helps to prevent high profile crimes such as terrorism.

Should you find self-powered wireless smart alarm system will work greatly for you, Ebelong brand is the option.

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