The intelligent upgrade solution for the Bath Master switch is recommended by integrated ceiling experts

Integrated ceiling experts highly recommend the perfect solution for an intelligent upgrade of the Bath Master switch, why do experts recommend it so much?

The intelligent upgrade solution for the Bath Master switch is recommended by the integrated ceiling experts

First of all, let’s understand the technical advantages of Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturers, mainly wireless self-generating technology, so what is different between the application to the bath bombs and the traditional bath bombs?

Ebelong Bath Master switch

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and control board applied to the bath, so that the bath switch with no wiring, no battery, IP67 level waterproof, anti-touch, easy multi-control, can also support voice and cell phone APP control.

Integration experts recommend 2 perfect solutions to upgrade the Bath Master switch.

1, all the use of Ebelong bath control board and wireless kinetic switch, a new upgrade.

2, the original bath control board to retain, adding a small control board module and wireless kinetic switch on top, is also an upgrade program.

For the bath control board, you can change all or only replace the bath control module, you can achieve battery-free wireless control.

Bath control board

This way not only the bath bombs grade be upgraded, but bath bombs in the industry enhance the brand influence; the user experience is also recognized, two birds with one stone, why not?

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