What is phase cut in dimming

Phase cut dimming is a type of dimming technology used to control the brightness of LED lights and other dimmable lighting systems. It works by reducing the power that is supplied to the light source, which in turn reduces the brightness of the light.

The name “phase cut” comes from the fact that this technology works by cutting the AC waveform in the lighting circuit. This waveform is normally a sine wave that repeats 60 times per second (in the United States), and the dimming process works by interrupting the waveform at a specific point, effectively reducing the amount of power supplied to the light source.

Phase cut dimming is a popular dimming technology because it is compatible with a wide range of LED lights and other dimmable lighting systems. It is also relatively simple and inexpensive to implement, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications.

In comparison to other types of dimming technology, such as PWM (pulse-width modulation) dimming, phase cut dimming is less precise and does not offer as smooth of a dimming curve. However, it is still a highly effective way to control the brightness of lighting systems and can be a good choice for many applications.

Ebelong offer Triac dimmer series supporting Phase cut dimming, including Leading Edge and Trailing Edge. The installer can easily select the best dimming type by the pairing button on product according to different type of the fixtures.

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