Green low-carbon environmental protection construction self-powered switch responds quickly

On all aspects of accelerating the establishment of a sound green low carbon cycle development economic system, one of the aspects, Ebelong self-powered switch responds quickly to green low carbon environmental protection construction.

Green low-carbon environmental protection construction self-powered switch responds quickly

The self-powered switch is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology, which can realize passive wireless and respond to green low-carbon specific benefits as follows.

1、No need to chisel the wall wiring

Eliminating the labor cost and workload of chiseling the wall wiring, reducing the cost of wires and pipes, reducing the pollution of chiseling the wall, and saving time, energy, and resources.

2、No need to use batteries

The self-powered switch does not use batteries, which saves energy and avoids the maintenance of battery replacement and disposal of used batteries at a later stage.

3、IP67 level waterproof and electric shockproof

Ebelong self-powered switch has IP67 level waterproof and anti-electrocution, which will be more widely and safely applied.

4、Easy installation and convenient use

The self-powered switch can be installed quickly without wiring, paired with the controller, installed according to personal habits, can be installed with screws, can be installed with 3M adhesive, can move the position at any time, and can be put anywhere without installation; support voice and cell phone APP wireless control, handheld remote control.

5、Fast new installation, retrofitting, and modification

The self-powered switch is very suitable for a new installation, retrofitting, and modification of the house, its no wiring, no batteries, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent control, and other features that can well reflect the advantages.

Green low-carbon environmental protection construction self-powered switch responds quickly

Sound green low-carbon cycle development of the production system

Promote industrial green upgrade. Accelerate the implementation of steel, petrochemical, chemical, non-ferrous, building materials, textiles, paper, leather, and other industries’ green transformation. Implement green product design and build a green manufacturing system. Vigorously develop the remanufacturing industry, and strengthen the certification and promotion of remanufactured products. Construction of comprehensive utilization of resources base, and promote the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste. Full implementation of clean production, according to the law in the “double super double high energy consumption” industry to implement mandatory clean production audit. Improve the “loose and messy” enterprise identification methods, classification, and implementation of shutdown, integration, relocation, rectification, and upgrading measures. Accelerate the implementation of the emissions permit system. Strengthen the management of hazardous waste in the industrial production process.

Accelerate the green development of agriculture. Encourage the development of ecological planting, and ecological breeding, and strengthen the certification and management of green food and organic agricultural products. Develop ecological recycling agriculture, improve the level of resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, promote the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, and strengthen the treatment of agricultural film pollution. Strengthen the protection and improvement of arable land quality, and promote the comprehensive management of degraded arable land. Development of forestry recycling economy, the implementation of forest ecological sign product construction project. Vigorously promote agricultural water conservation, and promote efficient water conservation techniques. Promote healthy aquaculture. Implementation of pesticides, veterinary antimicrobial use reduction, and origin environmental clean-up action. Strengthen the unified planning of aquaculture waters and beaches in accordance with the law. Improve the management system of fishing ban in relevant waters. Promote the deep integration of agriculture and tourism, education, culture, health, and other industries, and accelerate the development of the integration of one, two, and three industries.

Improve the level of green development of the service industry. Promote green upgrading of trade enterprises and cultivate a number of green circulation subjects. Develop the sharing economy in travel, accommodation, and other fields in an orderly manner, and standardize the development of idle resources trading. Accelerate the green transformation of the information service industry, do a good job in green construction and transformation of large and medium-sized data centers and network rooms, and establish a green operation and maintenance system. Promote the green development of the exhibition industry, guide the development of industry-related green standards, and promote the recycling of exhibition facilities. Promote auto repair, decoration, and other industries to use raw and auxiliary materials with low volatile organic content. Advocate hotels, restaurants, and other industries do not actively provide disposable supplies.

Grow the green industry. Build a number of national green industry demonstration bases and promote the formation of an open, collaborative and efficient innovation ecosystem. Accelerate the cultivation of market players, encourage the establishment of mixed ownership companies, create a number of large green industry groups; guide small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on the main industry to enhance core competitiveness, and cultivate “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises. Promote contract energy management, contract water management, third-party management of environmental pollution and other models, and environmental management effect-oriented environmental trust services. Further liberalize the competitive business of energy conservation and environmental protection in the fields of petroleum, chemical, electricity, and natural gas, and encourage public institutions to implement energy hosting services. Timely revision of the green industry guidance directory to guide the direction of industrial development.

Improve the level of recycling in industrial parks and industrial clusters. Scientific preparation of new industrial park development and construction planning, according to the law to carry out planning environmental impact assessment, strict access standards, improve the cycle of industrial chain, and promote the formation of industrial recycling coupling. Promote the existing industrial parks and industrial clusters recycling transformation, promote the common construction and sharing of public facilities, energy laddering, resource recycling, and centralized safe disposal of pollutants. Encourage the construction of electricity, heat, cold, gas, and other energy synergy and mutual assistance of comprehensive energy projects. Encourage chemical and other industrial parks to support the construction of centralized storage, pretreatment, and disposal facilities for hazardous waste.

Build a green supply chain. Encourage enterprises to carry out green design, choose green materials, implement green procurement, create green manufacturing processes, implement green packaging, green transportation, waste product recycling, and disposal, to achieve the whole cycle of green products. Select about 100 highly motivated, socially influential, and driven enterprises to carry out a green supply chain pilot, and explore the establishment of a green supply chain system. Encourage industry associations through the development of norms, consulting services, industry self-regulation, and other ways to improve the industry supply chain’s green level.

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