IP67 waterproof wireless switch manufacturer solves outdoor light control for you

Have you ever had such troubles, it is about the control of outdoor garden lights, that is, our garden lights, the switch installation location is relatively far and remote, the wiring is more complicated, and it is also waterproof and exposed to the sun, then such a switch installation location It is more difficult to find a suitable location. After all, it is not easy to find a suitable location to install the switch with waterproof and sun protection. Now I recommend you an IP67 waterproof wireless switch manufacturer Ebelong that can solve this problem for you. This wireless switch can solve the problem of outdoor lighting control for you.

IP67 waterproof wireless switch manufacturer solves outdoor light control for you

Why Ebelong Manufacturer’s IP67 Waterproof Wireless Switches Can Solve Outdoor Lighting Control Problems?

1. Because outdoor wiring is very complicated work, if you use a wireless switch, you can save the wiring link, which not only saves wire and a lot of labor costs but also is easy to install and beautiful.

2. This wireless switch of Ebelong not only does not need wiring but also does not need batteries, so there is no trouble in replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries.

3. Many places are open in the open air. At this time, the installation position of the switch is relatively limited, because it is necessary to consider the rain and sun exposure, and the general switch is difficult to deal with such a situation, and the Ebelong wireless switch has IP67 level. Waterproof, no wiring, no battery, material sunscreen, fireproof, anti-electric shock, safe, reliable, and durable.

4. It is easy to realize modification, installation, dual control, and multi-control.

5. The outdoor control distance of this wireless switch reaches 80m, and the installation methods are diversified. It can be fixed with screws, pasted with 3M glue, or placed on the desktop without fixing.

Wireless kinetic switches are placed at will

You can see if the IP67 waterproof wireless switch from Ebelong can solve the problem of outdoor lighting control for you, or if you have other needs, you can contact us for solutions, because we have other outdoor lighting, gates, Windows, and other solutions, support regional distribution agency cooperation, OEM and ODM batch customization, thank you!

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