What technology do battery-free wireless switch manufacturers use to develop

Questions about what technology is being developed by manufacturers of battery-free wireless switches? What kind of technology does Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturer use to develop and produce battery-free wireless switches?

What technology do battery-free wireless switch manufacturers use to develop

1. Considering that some friends still don’t know what a battery-free wireless switch is? Or not sure what kind of product it is?

This is a light switch that does not require batteries or wiring. It can be said that it is a new type of self-generating wireless product, which was born for the better realization of the smart home.

2. What technology did the battery-free wireless switch manufacturer use in research and development?

Ebelong manufacturer is a wireless light switch developed and produced by using self-powered micro-energy harvesting technology. In simple terms, it relies on the kinetic energy generated at the moment we press our hand to convert it into electrical energy and sends a signal through the internal module of the switch to control the state of the lamp. Purpose In order to save energy and reduce environmental pollution, our installation and use are simpler and more convenient.

battery-free wireless switch

3. What convenience can the battery-free wireless switch bring?

(1) When decorating and installing the switch, it is not necessary to chisel wall wiring;

(2) There is no need to install batteries on the switch, which saves the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of old batteries;

(3) Support access to Tuya, Huawei, and other platforms;

(4) Easy modification, installation, dual control, and multi-control;

(5) Anti-electric shock, waterproof IP67 grade;

(6) Suitable for outdoor, wet location, kitchen, bathroom, indoor use;

(7) Support voice and mobile APP wireless control;

(8) It can be pressed 100,000 times, is durable, and the signal is stable;

(9) Support WiFi, Bluetooth, RF433, ZigBee, 2.4G, and other protocols;

(10) Diversified installation methods: screw fixation, 3M glue paste, directly placed on the desktop and not fixed;

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

4. What kind of intersection can it have with the manufacturer of Ebelong battery-free wireless switches?

(1) Cooperation in technology integration in the industry;

(2) Cooperation on smart home solutions;

(3) Cooperation on bulk purchase of products;

(4) OEM and ODM customized cooperation;

(5) Regional distribution agency cooperation;

Friends, you don’t have to worry that the self-generated wireless products of Ebelong do not meet your local usage habits. We have done market research, and the products we produce meet the requirements of different regions. Of course, you can also customize products that better meet your requirements. We look forward to the moment to connect with you and wish you all the best!

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