Solve the troubles of house wiring decoration

Why do you want to solve the troubles of house wiring decoration?

When you think about decoration, the problem of wiring always makes countless people a headache. Once the wires buried in the wall have problems, they have to re-open the wall and make grooves. Planning the wiring layout is even more annoying.

Traditional light switch modification

The one recommended to everyone is called a wireless self-powered switch. With this product, there is no need for a connecting wire between the switch and the circuit. The switch can also be placed anywhere in the room or even moved at any time after the decoration is completed. Moreover, the switch itself does not need to be separately connected to electricity or install a battery.

S3 wireless kinetic switch

Different from the previous smart switches, they must be connected to other devices through Bluetooth or WIFi to achieve smart control. This switch uses micro-energy harvesting technology to make the switch into a small power generation device. The moment a human hand presses the switch, It converts the mechanical energy into electric energy when pressed and generates electricity automatically, without a battery, and can be used forever.

S2 self-powered switch

Ebelong product features:

1. The self-generating switch without wiring and battery is adopted, so that the switch completely bids farewell to “electricity” and “line”, and users no longer have to worry about reopening the wall and slotting after it breaks. It is safe, reliable, and anti-electric shock.

2. There is no need for wiring and slotting, and the total cost of home decoration can be saved by more than 30%, so that the switch can completely bid farewell to the “expensive”.

3. The switch can be moved at will, like a remote control to remotely control the lights at home.

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