The batteryless wireless light switch makes life simple

Why do you say “Batteryless wireless light switch makes life easier”?

1. If you use traditional switches to decorate the house, you need to open the wall, dig grooves and wiring, and will generate a lot of dust, but if you use a battery-free wireless light switch to decorate, you can avoid the opening of the wall in this part of the switch. Wiring work.

2. Often we may have deviations in the position of the switch before decoration. It is more troublesome to move the position of the traditional switch, but the Batteryless wireless light switch can move freely without any difficulty.

3. After we finished the decoration, we discovered that the switches in the room did not have dual control or multiple controls. Traditional switches were more troublesome, but the battery-free wireless light switch was very simple to achieve dual control and multiple controls.

The batteryless wireless light switch makes life simple

Battery-free wireless light switch without battery and no wiring, quickly create or relocate the on/off switch of lights, fans, and electrical appliances, and self-powered switches to remotely control house lighting (switches and receivers).

Wireless kinetic switch is pasted on the glass

A brief introduction about this program:

1. You can easily add light switches without pre-installed switches, such as zipper lamps, ceiling lamps, etc.;

2. There is no need to pull the wire to the switch, and the existing switch position can be quickly modified. Compatible with any lamp, such as halogen lamp/incandescent lamp/CFL/fluorescent lamp/LED.

3. The wireless kinetic switch of Ebelong does not need wiring, and can be installed at any position within the house. It can be installed with screws, 3M tape, or moved on the desktop at any time, which is easy to install.

4. Do not pull the wire, do not tear the wall, the switch receiver is connected between the power supply and the light. Compared with traditional booting, it saves huge installation costs.

5. Using micro-energy harvesting technology, press the switch to generate electricity. There is no leakage problem, and the family is safe.

Ebelong's self-powered battery-free wireless light switch

Ebelong’s self-powered battery-free wireless light switch makes life simple and supports customizing local switch standards to meet your usage habits. Thank you for your support!

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