Cool Master switch upgrade, help Cool Master manufacturers to upgrade their brand in minutes

In the traditional Cool Master, the Cool Master switch needs to be wired through the wall or installed with batteries. There are always unsatisfactory places, so how to change these? The upgrade of Cool Master switches will help Cool Master manufacturers upgrade their brand in minutes. Let’s see what to do next.

Cool Master switch upgrade, help Cool Master manufacturers to upgrade their brand in minutes

If the Cool Master switch adopts Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch, the switch does not need wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, intelligent voice, and mobile APP wireless control, more functions are welcome to learn, support OEM and ODM customization, Let Cool Master improve the grade and make the brand more competitive.

Ebelong Cool Master switch

The following is not the main content, please ignore it. What kind of wire should be used for the Cool Master switch?

Cool Master does not need a special circuit. The power of that thing is very low, it is just a fan and it can go directly with the light in the kitchen. The switch adopts Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, which does not require wiring and does not need batteries, which is very convenient.

Cool Master control panel

Cool Master is also called an overhead fan, which is installed on the integrated ceiling.

Features: It is installed on the top of the kitchen and does not occupy a place. In summer, you can enjoy the cool breeze while cooking, and the position of the air outlet can be adjusted, so as to achieve the characteristics of not affecting the flame of the stove. It can also be installed in the bathroom, generally installed above the toilet. It will be very cool and comfortable.

Disadvantages: The wind blowing is internal circulation, the power is not large, and it does not cool.

There is only one set of light wires at home, and now I want to install a remote control cooler, how can I turn on the cooler without turning on the lights?

What is Cool Master?

The kitchen cooler is also called the ceiling fan. As the name suggests, it is an electric fan installed above the ceiling, and the wind is strong. Of course, its coolness is definitely not as cool as an air conditioner. The kitchen cooler installed on the kitchen ceiling does not occupy space and saves space. In the hot summer, you can enjoy the cool breeze while cooking. Because the Cool Master is installed at the top of the kitchen, it will only blow on the cook when it is in operation, and will not blow out the stove, so it is very safe.

1. It does not occupy space. Compared with placing a fan, it will occupy the kitchen space, while the kitchen cooler is placed on the ceiling and does not occupy space;

2. The turbine in the kitchen cool bar drives the air circulation to cool down;

3. The control is simple and labor-saving, and all functions can be realized by just pressing the switch;

4. The appearance is beautiful, and some Cool Master have louvers, which can be automatically closed when closed to prevent oil fume from spreading into the ceiling; the louvers can be controlled at will during work to make the kitchen cool;

5. Some Cool Master can also effectively purify the air and smoke, and minimize the pollution of lampblack.

The effect of Cool Master is very good. It is really effective for kitchen use. However, if there is no circuit line reserved for installing Cool Master, do not install it at will. If you really want to install it, you must first consider the transformer. Because only the lamp wire is left, if you want to install the Cool Master, you need to connect a wire, then you must consider the load that can withstand the voltage. These security issues still need everyone’s attention.

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