Affordable wireless light switches halve installation cost

A new range of affordable wireless and battery-free light switches offering half the installed cost of a standard wired switch has been launched by EBELONG, a new entrant to the electric wiring accessories market. The China-manufactured wireless light switches from EBELONG provide a simple and quick-to-install solution for controlling the lighting but have the connectivity required to be a stepping stone to home automation with Alexa and Google Home.

Affordable wireless light switches halve installation cost

EBELONG’s wireless light switch has no batteries, no wires, The installer simply connects the receiver to the ceiling rose and sticks the switch in a convenient location to complete the installation – no further setup is required. There is no need to damage the surface finish of the wall by gouging out cable routes.

EBELONG switches can be placed wherever they are needed – on the wall, on furniture, or on a table, and moved at will to a new location. They can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, or all luminaires in a network or scene. The Wi-Fi® version of the receiver can be paired with an Alexa or Google Home control device if desired. It is supported by a free  TUYA App allowing customers to turn their lights on and off from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

“The guiding principle for EBELONG’s design was that EBELONG wireless light switches should be simple enough for my mother to use – a vision that we have fully achieved. At the same time, we recognised the needs of advanced users and the Wi-Fi version can be integrated with popular smart home technologies.”

Ebelong E2 series smart wireless switch TUYA

EBELONG switches are a win-win for installers and homeowners alike. Installers adopting EBELONG achieve a substantial competitive advantage over those staying with wired switch technology. They will deliver a much neater and quicker job, potentially combining lower costs to the customer with higher margins due to the rapid installation. Homeowners are offered flexibility, controllability, and most of all they aren’t faced with redecorating the room following the installation or the need to worry about replacing batteries.”

Description of EBELONG wireless light switches

EBELONG wireless, battery-free light switches are an ideal, neat, and cost-effective solution for retro-fit and new build installations alike. They are supplied paired with a receiver that a qualified electrician can wire discreetly into any household LED light system. It is offered in a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi version. Bluetooth alone is sufficient where customers only require light switching control. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi together allows the switch to communicate with Alexa and Google and also provides customers with access to their lighting when away from the home. The Wi-Fi version of the receiver also acts as a hub for the entire EBELONG Smart Home range providing safety monitoring and control of the home environment. The switch can be moved by the homeowner at any time, without any safety risk.

Multiple switches can be paired with the same receiver to allow lighting to be controlled from different locations within the room.

Ebelong wireless light switch remote wireless remote control

EBELONG motion can trigger other smart devices in your home network and customize the specific actions based on your needs.

Set up your sensor to trigger the Alarm system and be informed of any motion.

Launch a scenario for your morning routine: turn the lights on in the bathroom. Automatically turn the lights off when you are not in the room to make energy savings.

Set up your sensor to turn on the light when someone is passing through the hall.

Ebelong PIR Wireless Human Motion Infrared Sensor

How EBELONG wireless light switches work

EBELONG wireless light switches are based on energy harvesting technology. After capturing small amounts of kinetic energy produced by the switch or sensor, the generating engine converts energy into electric energy which is enough to make the low-power consumption electronic devices work efficiently. The communication data is then transmitted wirelessly via transport technology.

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