S2 series wireless self-powered switch

1. Product Overview

1.1 Product Introduction

S2 series wireless self-powered switch adopts  MEA (Micro energy acquisition) technology, converting kinetic energy from user’s press into electrical energy efficiently. It based on ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) frequency band. Work through Edition Ebelong1.1 (communication protocol). It allows more than one unit to be paired each other in the set, achieving the use of two-way control, multiple units control one,  one control multiple units. Switch can be mounted on the wall by sticker, bottom plate fixed or bracket fixed.

1.2 Product Image

S2 series wireless self-powered switch

2. Technical Parameters

S2 self-powered switch parameter table

3. Product Features

3.1 Pair With Controller

a. Ordinary Pairing

S2 series kinetic switch function with wireless receiving controller, the pairing method is:  long press on “pairing” button of receiver for three seconds, when indicator flashes slowly, press any buttons of kinetic switch once , indicator goes off that means pair succeeds. Now kinetic switch can be used to control receiver (for the function of receiver, please refer to the manual related to the wireless receiving controller).

If the controller is dimmable, when dimming mode is turned on, long press the switch to adjust the brightness in cycle, short press the button to control the light on and off.

b. Directional Pairing (S2 dual keys switch)

To enable products working compatible with users’ traditional habits, the Directed pairing helps to make sure one switch controls on/off for more than one receiving controller at the same time.The pairing method is:  long press “pairing” button of receiver for three seconds, loose your finger from the button when its indicator flashes, press any key of kinetic switch for 4 times within 1 second, indicator goes off  that means pariing succeeds.  Now Pairing completes.

After pairing is finished, it functions as follows: short press left key to turn off, right key to turn on. For dimming function, long press left key to turn up, long press right key to turn down.

S2 dual keys switch

4. Installation Instructions

Method 1:

S2 switch can be mounted on glass surface, marble surface, ceramic tile surface and other clean surface,  with 3M adhesive tape included.

S2 self-powered switch paste installation

Method 2:

Use screws to fix switch on the wall or 86 wire box.

S2 self-powered switch installation steps

5. Production Dimension

S2 self-powered switch size

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