Wireless smart switch outdoor lighting control scene application

There are all kinds of outdoor lighting control, and what we need is suitable and free, how to free law? Take a look at the advantages of Ebelong’s wireless smart switches in outdoor lighting control scenarios and you will know.

Ebelong’s wireless smart switch is also called a wireless kinetic switch. It is a wireless switch developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology.

Wireless smart switch outdoor lighting control scene application

So what difference can this Ebelong wireless smart switch bring to outdoor lighting control?

1. This smart switch does not require wiring;

2. The wireless switch does not need batteries;

3. The wireless smart switch can quickly realize dual control and multi-control;

4. It is very suitable for installation and modification and upgrading;

5. Anti-electric shock, waterproof IP67 grade, fireproof material;

6. Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platforms, voice, and mobile APP wireless control;

7. The signal is stable, the control distance is long, and it is durable;

8. The installation is simple and easy to use, and the use and installation of online technical support;

Ebelong wireless smart switch

For more information about the application of Ebelong wireless smart switch outdoor lighting control scene, welcome to consult and understand, and support OEM and ODM customization, thank you for reading!

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