Cool Master control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Cool Master grade is a breeze

From now on, the Cool Master switch no longer needs wiring, no longer needs a battery, has IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, simple installation, easy to use, wireless remote intelligent control, and supports OEM and ODM customization.

Cool Master control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Cool Master grade is a breeze

Just need to replace the traditional Cool Master switch with EBELONG wireless kinetic switch, Cool Master control board with EBELONG Cool Master control board or increase the Cool Master control board module, are possible, depending on the needs of the Cool Master manufacturers, more features are welcome to learn.

The following is not the focus of the content, please skip not to see it. What’s going on with the cooling bar air leaves that can not be opened?

1, there may be dirt not cleaned, but the fan stuck, can not rotate, if the shutdown state, manual rotation without abnormal and smooth then this reason can be discharged.

2, may be cleaned with water accidentally into the internal or external machine control board led to power on the computer board short circuit if the second problem, after-sales service to see if the computer board has water traces and short circuit due to water, is possible to check out.

3, of course, does not exclude that may be due to other faults leading to cleaning before there has been damaged.

Cool Master control board

The advantages and disadvantages of advantages and disadvantages of the Cool Master

1. does not occupy an area, compared to placing a fan, will occupy the kitchen location, while the kitchen Cool Master placed in the ceiling, does not occupy the location.

2. kitchen Cool Master inside the turbine drive air circulation, to play the purpose of cooling.

3. simple control, save energy, just a click on the switch to achieve the functions.

4. beautiful appearance, some Cool Master with louvers, when closed can be automatically closed to prevent fumes from scattered into the ceiling; work louvers can be controlled at will, so that the kitchen is cool up.

5. Some Cool Masters can also effectively purify the air, and smoke, and minimize grease pollution.

Cool Master is not as casual as electric fans, the installation of the best site supervision test, to avoid the installation distance is far, can not blow; installed near the easy to let the fire blow everywhere.

wireless kinetic switch

As for the end is good, this really does not say, after all, everyone has their own views, but I personally still quite recommended, if the answer is satisfactory please adopt, thank you!

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